Amanda Gerber

Amanda fell in love with barre the moment she walked in the door at Carolina Barre and Core. Barre was a fantastic, low-impact (but totally butt kicking) addition to her workout regimen, which historically consisted of the high intensity cross-training and intervals that she was used to as a former collegiate and competitive athlete.

She’s seen a difference in her energy and the shape of her body and now wants to pass along her passion for barre and all that it entails to anyone and everyone. Come ready to physically push yourself to the limit, shake and sweat, and of course, jam out to awesome music and have an amazing time!

Favorite part of class? The entire arm series – from pushups to tricep dips to hand weights – I love it all!

Favorite thing about being at CBC? The amazing, judgement free environment. You move at your own pace, you work as hard as your body will allow each day and in turn, you get better every time you come to class. Plus, the people are amazing and add to the overwhelmingly positive atmosphere at CBC.

The one thing you can’t live without? My FitBit – how else will I know how many steps I’m getting each day?!

Splurge Item? I am a total foodie and wine snob – so expensive meals, bottles and experiences, always!