The Whalen girls take Hawaii…..

After Christmas, our family took a trip to Hawaii. If you have met Saidey (the top of our stack) you know that she lives for fitness. She saw a pic of this triple stack somewhere and wanted us to recreate it somewhere in Hawaii. When we went on this pillbox hike and saw the only HOT PINK pillbox overlooking the ocean, we knew this was IT! If ever there was a test of core strength, this was it. Spencer stacked on me. Saidey stacked on Spencer. Duncan took the picture. It was truly an awesome moment.

We love to see Barre-Yoga Vacation pics– send us yours– we might feature it right here on our news page.

Love from the Core,

The Holiday Barre Blast has Returned 2017

Charlotte and Raleigh!  The Holiday Barre Blast is right around the corner!  If you are already a Core Member- all you have to do is show up and record you attendance for every class!  If you want to become a Core Member- we will graciously reduce the rate of your contract to $150/mo for 12 months to match the pricing of the HBB so you won’t have to wait to join!  Instead of saving $10 for one month, you’ll save $120 over 12 months on this already reduced pricing!   Ask about how to make this happen, TODAY!   Email

We will have Giveaways, prizes, extra classes, intensives, etc.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

The first 50 people at each studio to take and mark 8 classes on the boards will get a CBC Tervis Tumbler (and they are CUTE).

Come, be a part of our community- bring your friends- the more the merrier!

Happy Holidays CBC!!

BODYFLOW is coming to CBC Raleigh

Hey Raleigh!!!  Your favorite BODYFLOW teachers, Wendy and Joanne are going to start teaching HERE at CBC Raleigh starting in January.  Catch the BODYFLOW  schedule on their webiste:

This is not included in the CBC membership or packaging as it is a separate business– we are just sharing our amazing studio with them to get this workout into our community!


History Repeats Itself

Who would have known that history would repeat itself with these two. Taylor and Anthony used to be musical theater junkies and performed in the Christmas Carol together several years ago. Now they both teach at Carolina Barre Raleigh every week. Check the schedule to see when you can catch a class with them.


Twinning at CBC!!!! Do you know Stacy and Ashley– catch them in Charlotte every week. They both teach amazing classes and you’ll be sure to love both of them!!!

LEM HOUSTON is bringing Cardio Funk to CBC Raleigh

Get ready for a Girls Night Out to remember!  Lem Houston is bringing CARDIO FUNK to Raleigh on June 1, 2017 at 7pm.

The cost is $20 for the class and will include a cocktail afterward– hang out with your girls at CBC!   Sign up now as space is limited.



Tribucha Kombucha has arrived in kegs!!!!


Yesterday our kegs of Tribucha Kombucha ( were delivered!! We now have Controlled Burn and Brainiac on tap!  We love this company!  They are right here in Raleigh and the owners are amazing.   They only add enough sugar for the fermentation process,  nothing afterward to flavor or sweeten the kombucha-  no syrups and no fruit purees.   It is healthy and it tastes GREAT!!!  We have 2 flavors on tap, and 4 in single serving bottles  (Controlled Burn, Flowers of Life, Cafe Con Bucha and Brainiac.

The energy in Charlotte is amazing…..

As much as I love being in Raleigh and growing a NEW community of informed barre students– I LOVE traveling back to Charlotte to be in the CBC “headquarters”.   When I walk in it is like a breath of fresh air to me.  It’s like on FB live when you are watching a post and seeing all the hearts and thumbs up flying by on the screen…… that is how I feel…. surrounded by love and hugs and smiles.  It is a truly awesome feeling.  I want to thank you all for carrying on my dream in that space, in my absence.   My teachers and front desk staff and the best there is, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  And, I truly feel like we have the BEST guests ever.  I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

I’ll be back, SOON!!!



Local Athlete Uses Barre Classes to Step Up His Game

Future NBA star Kristopher Timmons has been working out with us at Carolina Barre Raleigh since the end of summer. For an athlete 6′ 7″ and not a shred of body fat, he is extremely flexible. He is also learning to use his transversus abdominis (the deep abdominal muscles) instead of just rectus abdominis (6 packs abs) while training- and in his everyday life. This, not only gives him more power, but also prevents injury while doing what he loves, playing basketball. He says that training with Carolina Barre Raleigh is helping to take his game to a whole new level!