Carolina Barre & Core

carolina barre & core is a place to feel totally present, engaged, motivated and safe.
no egos, no judgment…only results. our goal is to be mindful mentally and physically
during exercise which will ultimately allow you to gain the results desired.

here are some ideas to help achieve this mind body connection and transformation…

maximize calorie burning and balance your workout

our classes will raise your metabolic rate and provide the calorie burn
needed for 24 hours, not just 1 hour. barre fusion is a method that
balances your body with strength and flexibility.

proper form, alignment and execution
are the foundation for success

exercise should be treated as therapy and movements should be performed in a way to help protect joints while challenging muscles. proper form and alignment are the keys to maximize your results and minimize risk of injuries. duration and intensity
are the foundation for proper execution of each movement. an assistant will be available for most of the classes to be mindful of this philosophy. the teacher and assistant will also be available after class to answer any questions you might have.

exercise with wisdom, patience and consistency…
not your ego

the journey we call life is about the never ending quest of learning and and bettering ourselves. it takes a tremendous amount of humbleness and wisdom to allow ourselves to engage in new challenges without frustration, competition and ego. in addition, patience and consistency will allow us to meet the constant challenges life offers and to realistically reach our goals.

group classes help motivate us to get moving!

our hope is to build a strong sense of community and acceptance that will help motivate everyone of all fitness levels to participate and keep coming. exercise is hard enough, we shouldn’t have to do it alone. there are no judgments, just results!

persistence and perseverance

we recommend participation in barre fusion at least three times a week in order to see and experience results. it takes practice, persistence and perseverance…. what doesn’t challenge won’t change you! – fred devito

striving for balance

a balanced approach to living is to do things with moderation and to stay within the bell curve. through this, we can experience the positive transformations in all aspects of our lives.

*ideas adapted from fred devito