Setting Goals and Kicking Butt

Meet Gayle-  Her story in incredible….


Turning sixty and adjusting to a new marriage late in life really took a toll on my fitness! I gained weight, had low energy, and the regular exercise programs that I had always counted on before no longer were effective. Crash dieting and exercising to the limit brought no results. It seemed I was in a downward spiral as far as my personal fitness and I began to chalk it up to old age realizing I may never feel like myself again.
Then a new neighbor moved in and said she was opening up a barre studio nearby. I had never heard of barre; never joined a gym or signed up for workout classes since I have my own commercial grade equipment at home. Still, I wanted to show my support and thought I would sign up for a few barre classes. I began with the introductory unlimited package for $50, thinking I would slowly fade out after that. But I found I enjoyed the workouts and being with other women while we were all trying to improve ourselves –no matter what levels of fitness we were at. Seriously, I laughed myself through the first several workouts! Unable to do even half of the exercises! But it felt good. The stretching especially. And by the time I had gone to a handful of classes I could see that little by little I was improving and getting results. I felt myself standing straighter, and holding my abs in while driving the car. Overall, I just felt better! I didn’t lose any weight those first weeks, but decided not to worry about that and just focus on toning and strengthening and feeling better about myself. I made a chart and told myself I would give it all I had for 100 classes and see where it took me.
By 25 classes I was seeing drastic results. I was able to do more and more of the routines and even though the pounds were not melting off, my clothes were fitting better and I was able to wear a few things I hadn’t been able to get into for years. By 50 classes the pounds were shedding and staying off! I also found I was able to take some of the exercises to a new level and get a more intense workout. And at 50 classes, as I looked back to where I was when I began barre in April, I could see that I was more than 50% closer to my goal!
This week I am 80% there and I feel like a new person—-or, well, the person I was in my 40’s and 50’s! A few weeks ago I helped move my 85 year old aunt into senior living and was surprised that after 3 days of heavy lifting I didn’t have any aches or pains in my back, shoulders…or anywhere! And my energy level seemed endless with no shortness of breath going up and down the stairs. I give all the credit to Carolina Barre and Core! My membership there truly has changed my life! I love spending an hour a day with other positive upbeat women who are trying to improve themselves. There is just so much positive energy in the studio and Amity encourages every effort you make!
Thank you to Carolina Barre for giving me a new look at life –feeling better about myself and able to do so much more in keeping up with my growing family. By December I will have 17 grandchildren —so I am finding that life doesn’t slow down even at my age! If it’s not going to slow down I at least want to be able to keep up!!!!


She has taken 84 classes to date!  She is such an inspiration to everyone!!!